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Creating a Strategic Vision for the Future

The transition of a family farm from one generation to the next.

The phrase “farm to table” can conjure up idyllic images of lush rolling hills, colorful market stalls with the latest harvest, or of course, the smile of a friendly, local farmer proudly sharing his passion over dinner amidst a well-groomed pasture. But behind these romanticized notions is a story that is often overlooked.  The one family farmers wake up to every morning where they are faced with a full landscape of challenges both on and beyond the farm – from pressures around animal welfare and antibiotic usage, to ever-changing consumer preferences and increasing industry consolidation.

Our team was honored to help one such family farm make the transition from the third to fourth generation, advising them on how to evolve in order to maintain brand relevancy in today’s market, while building a more solid foundation for the future. Taking a holistic approach, we examined all functional areas of the business and collaborated with family leadership to build a comprehensive three-year strategic business plan that was realistic and actionable.

Now, with a longer-term vision in place, we continue to provide guidance and support as the family advances its organizational structure, operational performance, co-packer relationships, brand positioning, distribution and product innovation pipeline to keep pace with the rapidly changing market landscape.

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