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Facilitating Change Through Better Insights

 “Big pharma” examines its role in producing better food for the world.

With our focus on the clean, sustainable segment of the food industry, we would never have imagined partnering with one of the world’s largest, international pharmaceutical companies.  After all, when it comes to food production, "big pharma" is recognized mostly for supplying CPGs and other animal agribusinesses with vaccines and medicines – most notably antibiotics, which have been “under the microscope” due to concerns over their impact on human health.


Needless to say, we aren’t veterinarians; and gastronomy, not DNA, is about as close to the molecular as we get. We do, however, understand the significant role pharma plays within the global food system, which is why we welcomed the opportunity to engage with the leadership of one company and its key customers to help drive change in their go-to-market strategies. Their team invited us to participate in an ongoing series of conferences around the world, sharing our experience in evolving brands to antibiotic-free meat and providing insights around important issues like clean labels, animal welfare and transparency. In educating them about the consumer and where the market is going, we have contributed to the conversation and inspired new ways of thinking about animal raising practices and innovative solutions to ensure sustainability and brand relevancy into the future.

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