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Advising on Investment Opportunities

A private equity firm focuses on better food.

Capitalizing on the continued shifts in consumer tastes and profiles, private equity firms have demonstrated a strong appetite for the food industry, especially when it comes to clean, sustainable and plant-based foods. One such PE group enlisted our expertise and insight to help evaluate various investment opportunities that would expand their portfolio. With each prospect, we provided input on company leadership, operations, financials, product, branding and marketing.  And, in some cases, our advisory role continued throughout the acquisition process, ensuring successful execution of the transaction and transition.

Our strategic relationship also led us to become a trusted source for new investment opportunities. Through our industry engagement and keen eye for innovation, we have become an ongoing resource, keeping the team abreast of key market developments and facilitating introductions to brands in the U.S. and abroad. (Note: This includes companies involved in either animal or plant categories. We don’t discriminate and believe there is room at the table for both...better is better.)

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