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Finding & Filling the White Space

The road to Innovation is paved by consumers.

No doubt, one of the most exciting aspects of being in the food industry is exploring new products – from creating interesting layers of flavor to finding unique packaging technologies that enhance the consumer experience. But amidst the expanse of blue sky lies what is often referred to as the “white space” – that unmet need in the marketplace, just waiting to be realized and fulfilled.


For one long-standing brand, finding the white space was elusive and was siphoning off already limited resources. While high on nostalgia, their brand was losing relevancy as the market evolved.  Knowing their future success could be in jeopardy, our team helped establish a more strategic approach to their product development process – from assessing the market through ideation, development, and co-packer alignment to full commercialization. Using consumer insights as our compass, we enabled them to build an innovation pipeline that delivered on consumer demands for taste and convenience, helping to revitalize the brand and product offerings, while giving the company a renewed sense of focus and energy.

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