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Growing New Markets

Getting the eggs out of just one basket.

It used to be that the golden ticket to success in the natural and organic retail channel was to infiltrate Whole Foods Market – the pioneers of conscious capitalism, who paved the way for what is now estimated to be around a $70 billion market. But what was once a pretty exclusive playing field has become much more competitive with players from retail, foodservice, and e-commerce all vying for a piece of the action.  Add in a fickle consumer whose preferences can change by the minute or mood, and it can be hard to know where to focus.  


Some try spit balling, but our strategy of “segmenting, concentrating and dominating” helped one company diversify and stabilize their customer base, while growing sales opportunities and revenue.  Through a process of stratification, prioritization and resource planning, along with our vast network of contacts and business development experience, we've helped to expand the brand's footprint beyond its core geography to reach new customers and channels of distribution, positioning it as a national player.

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