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We're a boutique consultancy with a purpose.


We’re all about championing good, clean, sustainable food that keeps people and the planet happy and healthy – and collaborating with those who want to do the same. We believe better food and better profits go hand in hand, so we never settle. We strive constantly for better in the work we do, the way we do it, the relationships we build and the impact we have on the next generation of food. 

Our Core Values

Empowering People

While we appreciate the hallowed halls of an ivy league school, we are much more adept at navigating a value chain – through chicken barns in the dead of summer to professional kitchens at the height of service, all the way to the board room where our feet were held to the fire. We've experienced firsthand the evolution of the food industry from conventional to clean, understanding the challenges and opportunities it can bring. That's why we find great reward in sharing this experience and our curiosity for what’s around the corner – empowering companies with better insights, strategy and innovation to ensure they’re confident in where they're going and how they’re going to get there.

Finding the Right Fit

We're fortunate to be able to work alongside and provide counsel to a diverse range of companies – from growers in South America and co-packers in the Midwest, to PE firms and CEOs from Silicon Valley to Park Avenue. But, like intermittent fasting, we’re not for everyone. We believe the most effective way to have a positive impact on the businesses we engage with is to keep our commitments focused on a few. We are at our best when we partner with co-conspirators who share our drive for the betterment of food; who are open to change and find joy in the journey; and who aren’t afraid to ask, “what if?”. (For those who might need a little courage, we find a good Italian Ripasso usually does the trick.)

Keeping it Real

For us, trust and integrity are paramount.  We believe the best ideas come from challenging and being challenged back, but always with respect.  We know that humility has contributed to our achievements as much as our experience.  So, when it comes to your business, we do what we do discreetly and honor confidentiality. We want you to be the hero – to your team, your company, your board, your shareholders, and your customers.  And besides, spotlights tend to make us look shiny.

Better Insights. Better Strategy. Better Food.

Strategy & Business Planning

Consumer & Market Insights

Product Innovation & Development

Acquisition Evaluation & Assimilation

Our Work

Our Team

Most often used in high-end, professional kitchens, "Tournant" is a French term to describe a cook who supports and serves as a liaison to the head chef and other cooks in the kitchen. We thought it a fitting name for our company – not so much for the obvious food reference, but because it reflects the role we fulfill for those we work with.  With the different journeys we've each taken through the food industry, we bring together a unique blend of complementary skills and experience, providing companies with a focused, nimble resource to help drive a more thoughtful, holistic approach to better food.
Our Team
Joe DePippo

To call Joe the “Yoda of All Things Poultry” would be pretty accurate, but rather limiting as his insight, expertise and vision around value chain dynamics and go-to-market strategies translates across industry segments and product categories.  A pioneer in antibiotic free meat, Joe has built brands, run companies, led acquisitions and most compelling, convinced a long-standing animal protein company to explore plant-based foods.  Joe really likes to play and is relentless in his pursuit of the white space and achieving “the better,” all driven by a passion for food and knack for building relationships that was instilled at a young age working at his family's Italian restaurant in Philly.  We assume this is also where his affinity for Italian reds was formed.  It is now the Tournant beverage of choice. Specifically, Zenato Ripassa. For those of you wondering.

A bit of a “jane-of-all-trades” or tournant herself, Kathy comes to the table with a unique and versatile background rooted in food marketing, complemented by ten years’ culinary experience working in hotels and restaurants from London to Chicago.  Whether leading client service at a marketing firm or a team of chefs in the kitchen, Kathy applies a holistic, solution-driven approach to project management, balancing strategic thinking with detailed execution and a touch of creativity to help empower teams, strengthen brands, and innovate products.  Her appetite and appreciation for the new and different keeps the team abreast of consumer and market trends fueling the evolution of better food.  That said, she’s a bit obsessed with sprinkled donuts and can probably serve up a solid recommendation on where to find the best - in the US.  And abroad.

Kathy Takemura


What does "better" mean to you?

We're curious to know more about your company, the challenges you face, and what “better” means to you. Shoot us a note and let’s see if collaborating with us can help you get there. 

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